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The application allows you to find the container and open it. The application can operate in two modes: Radar mode, indicating that there is a container within a certain radius of the player, and Capture mode, which allows you to see the container and open it. Capture mode uses the Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

ARCUS is a system of quests in augmented reality. Players search for containers — in-game objects, open them and receive rewards. The reward is a part of the top cryptocurrency coin, an ARCUS token or a partner token. To start the hunt for containers, just download the application.


ARCUS coin is used inside the system to buy benefits (buyers) and to pay for containers (advertisers).


Coin id: GZwLUhTxJxSjcHCvvchHUouMZz66xBRLEomk2juwG31C

The cryptocurrency coin from the captured container is credited to the player's internal wallet, after which it can be withdrawn to a standard wallet or crypto exchange. The system is based on the Waves blockchain.

In the wallet, there are five well-known cryptocurrency coins and ARCUS coin.

Tokenomy and monetization







The player opens containers and receives a reward. For the extended functionality of the application, the player buys ARCUS coins on the exchange or sells surpluses.

The advertiser buys containers for ARCUS coins in the personal account, fills them with rewards and installs in the necessary places.

The server distributes ARCUS coins. Company gets profit as a commission percentage.


In-game advertising

The main profit comes from advertising. The advertisement will be shown in the augmented reality in capture mode and during the opening of the container. The Advertiser will be able to place the containers in the necessary places, filling them with cryptocurrencies at their discretion. The Advertiser also uses the ARCUS coin to buy empty containers.


AirDrop opportunities

Game features

The ARCUS system provides ample opportunities for free coin distribution (AirDrop). This will allow partners to attract new users. The AirDrop feature is planned to be introduced into the system in 2019.


In the future, in addition to standard containers, it is planned to use other in-game objects. These objects (such as “Boss”) will require interaction between players to obtain increased rewards.




The first 20,000,000 coins will be available at a price of $0.01!


IV/2017 Creation of a prototype application. Solution of the main technical issues.


I/2018 Issue and placement of the ARCUS coin. Placement of information on specialized resources.


II/2018 Start of the preliminary Token sale stage. Launch of an advertising campaign. Creation of a prototype of the advertiser Web Service.


III/2018 ARCUS coin AirDrop. Release of Alpha-version.


IV/2018 Release of Beta-version of the application. Start selling tokens to advertisers. Launch of the Bounty campaign. Launch of the main Token sale stage. Allocation of funds, creation of a working version. Involving managers to sale services to advertisers in Russia.


I/2019 Integration of user's game progress in the application. Creation of Boss-type objects for the team game. Sales of additional services to users. Creation of an international token sales team. Expansion in other countries.


II/2019 Creation of player ratings. The ability to create clans. Attracting sponsors for tournaments.


The implementation of the Arcus project will take place in two stages. In the first stage, a beta version will be created with game features to test errors, as well as to get feedback from users of our application, future sponsors of events and advertisers. The beta version will be available for testing not only in Russia, but also in some countries of Europe and Asia.


At this stage we need to raise $200,000. These funds will be distributed as follows:

1. Technical support.

2. Attraction of new employees and salaries to the staff.

3. Office expenses.

4. Advertising campaign.

The period of implementation of the first stage is 6–7 months.



Using Waves DEX

1. Download the Waves Wallet app.

2. Find the ARCUS coin on the Waves DEX

3. Transfer funds to the exchange

4. Place an order to buy the required number of coins

Using BiteBTC exchange

1. Register on BiteBTC exchange

2. Trade ARCUS for BTC or DOGE

Using Telegram Bot

1. Download the Waves Wallet app.

2. Find the ARCUS Bot: t.me/arcus_bot

3. Follow the instructions

How to buy an ARCUS tokens


Lev Eidinov



Designer, author of concepts of the Internet of things and augmented reality. Experience in creating a design studio and advertising agency.

Ilgizar Rakhmatullin



Experience in banking, specialist in finance, securities and project management. He has been working in financial markets since 2004. In 2011 he founded the business representation of the Czech plant for agricultural machinery production, in 2015 he founded the chocolate factory from scratch. Experience in creating business processes, economic models, marketing and sales.

Oleg Rakhimov



Experience of working as a programmer for more than 6 years, previously he worked as administrator of high-load systems. Experience in developing cross-platform applications.

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